Dermal Fillers

There are numerous brands of dermal fillers available in the UK market. Revolax, Juvederm and Teosyal are all used in KenKala Clinics. Please feel to discuss the options with Dr Hayder Ria.

Dr Ria has undertaken numerous advanced and master class training in wrinkle reduction and dermal filler treatments with various aesthetic specialists in London. He further developed his skills under the guidance of an established oral surgeon in Ealing, where he currently runs one of his clinics.

He now combines the different injecting skills he has learnt to form his own style of treatments which focus on the specific needs of his patients, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Dr Ria has a particular interest in liquid rhinoplasties (nose reshaping), tear trough rejuvenation and facial sculpting (shaping chins, cheeks and jawlines) using only the best quality dermal filler products.